Queensland is home to around 95% of Australia's prawn farms. With growing concern around the sustainability of global fish stocks, aquaculture is quickly growing in popularity. 

Prawn farms are the marine equivalent of factory farms, where around 350,000 individuals are kept in each pond. In hatcheries, females often have their eye stalks & hormonal gland cut or burnt off, making them reproduce faster. This gruesome procedure is usually carried out without any pain relief, and causes a great deal of pain & suffering. Watch the video here.

There have also been disease outbreaks on these prawn farms, resulting in billions of prawns being suffocated with chlorine.

The fishing of wild prawns is responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of turtles, sharks, dolphins & seals, who are caught in the nets & thrown back into the ocean, usually dead or dying.

Prawns are essential for healthy oceans, and the current rates at which we are killing sea life is unsustainable. 

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