Around four million turkeys are slaughtered for meat in Australia, with the majority (90 per cent) raised in intensive factory farms.  They live miserable, short lives that conclude with a slow and painful death.


Living in crowded sheds with thousands of other birds, they are denied everything which is natural to them.  Each turkey is assigned a living space around the size of an A3 sheet of paper, which isn’t enough room for them to stretch their wings.  Further, the sheds which house the turkeys are not cleaned during their captivity, so the unavoidable build-up of faeces and urine results in turkeys developing severe burns on their feet, legs, and breasts.


When they reach slaughter age (12 weeks), turkeys are caught and crammed into tiny crates where they endure an awful trip to the slaughterhouse.  When they arrive, they are hung upside down in shackles whilst fully conscious, and then lowered into an electrical bath intended to render them unconscious.  However, some birds will reflexively lift their heads to avoid contact with the water, which means they are still fully conscious when their throats are subsequently cut on a mechanical blade.

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